How to Overcome and Prevent Throat Pain during Pregnancy

The immune system will generally experience a decrease during pregnancy to support the development of the baby in the womb. However, it can make you vulnerable to various diseases, including experiencing a sore throat during pregnancy. The causes of sore throats during pregnancy are fairly diverse. It is important to know the causes, ways to deal with and prevent sore throats to avoid and overcome the discomfort caused. Causes of Sore Throat Pregnant pain Sore throat can be caused by several different things, namely: Infection Bacterial, viral or fungal infections in the throat are the main causes of sore throat during pregnancy. Generally this infection causes strep throat which triggers a sore throat. Increased gastric acid High levels of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy can trigger an increase in stomach acid. Rising stomach acid can trigger a sore throat in pregnant women. Gag Vomiting during pregnancy can be influenced by increased levels of hormones that t
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